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Redefining Xtra Strong – Discover the LPDE Heavy-Duty Garbage Bags in Malaysia

Any heavy-duty waste management starts with ReXTRA™, your reliable partner in durability and strength. Our Heavy-Duty garbage bags are a testament to the quality, meticulously crafted from industrial-strength Low-Density PE (LDPE) with a robust gauge that sets new standards for waste containment.


These bags are more than just tough – they’re designed to stretch and expand, confidently accommodating oversized loads without giving in to punctures, leaks, or tears. Whether you’re overseeing a bustling warehouse, a demanding commercial kitchen, or tackling extensive outdoor projects, ReXTRA™ Heavy-Duty garbage bags deliver unmatched resilience.


What sets them apart is their thick size and high-quality LDPE composition, ensuring that your heavy-duty tasks are always handled with the reliability you can count on.

ReXTRA™ guarantees that your heavy-duty tasks are met with the “Xtra” strong they deserve.


Experience the ease of waste management with your steadfast companion that demands nothing but the best. Elevate your waste containment game with garbage bags thoughtfully designed for resilience in the face of substantial challenges.

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