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Revolutionize Your Cleanup Routine With Tie-Handle & Drawstring Garbage Bags

Experience convenience with EzeeTIE™ drawstring garbage bags, where innovation meets functionality. Our EzeeTIE™ range is meticulously designed to redefine your waste management experience, making it easy, efficient, and mess-free. The drawstring trash bags come with a refreshing lemon scent.

EzeeTIE™ Scented

Explore the diverse product variations within the EzeeTIE™ HDPE Scented range, from plain to lemon-scented garbage bags, bundled to rolled, and flat to star-sealed bottom. Our EzeeTIE™ Scented comes with a strong and durable quick-tie closure. The fresh and clean lemon scent is designed to cover unpleasant odours, making your kitchen smell fresh. We understand that every household requires this to improve their kitchen’s aroma.

EzeeTIE™ Tie Handle

EzeeTIE™ HDPE Tie Handle is designed with economics and convenience; our tie-handle garbage bags boast a unique vest-type handle tie for a twist-tie closure, a strong flat bottom seal design and a firm handle tie. No more frustrating spills or tangled ties—EzeeTIE™ simplifies your cleanup routine.


EzeeTIE™ is not just an ordinary drawstring and tie handle garbage bag; it’s a solution that makes daily life more convenient. Opt for easy-to-use drawstring trash bags. Choose EzeeTIE™ for a better and more convenient way today. Want to know more? Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us now.