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SEKOPLAS® solid waste segregation bags make sorting and separating solid waste
a breeze to facilitate recycling and correct onward disposal.

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ReMAX 3-in-1 Waste Segregation Set

Convenience with Solid Waste Segregation: Eco-Friendly Garbage Bags

Recycling can be segregated in the right way instead of putting everything in one garbage bag. For the convenience of organizing your waste, segregated garbage bags can be the ideal solution, allowing you to separate items into the appropriate colour-coded way.


Introducing the unique REMAX™ 3-IN-1 waste segregation, which will change the way you organize trash. This set of waste bags comes in three colours: eco-friendly green, semi-transparent, and vibrant blue. It makes it simple to colour-code recyclable rubbish. One useful benefit of the semi-transparent bags is that they allow a good view of the contents. Adopting these biodegradable bags can help you become an eco-champion now and make the future a cleaner and better place.


It offers you a dedication to a sustainable future. Come along with us as we push for ethical disposal of waste, where even a tiny action may have a big effect. Make a difference, accept change, and make recycling simpler with our unique trash segregation options.


Green = Glass. Rubber, Electronic, Waste, Metal, Aluminium, Hazardous Waste

Semi-Transparent = Plastic Bag, Plastic Bottle, Food Containers, Soft Drink Bottle

Blue = Papers, Cardboards, Hice Boxes, Bills/Receipts, Magazines


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