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From economy single-use carrier bags to reusable shopping bags, SEKOPLAS® has the answers.
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Compostable Carrier Bags

Preferred Eco-Friendly Compostable Plastic Bags from Leading Manufacturers

Offer your customers an eco-friendly way for their groceries or retail goods. It is a shine as an environmentally responsible choice for your customers in every purchase. Made from cornstarch & designed to be durable, capable of supporting the weight of larger items without compromising strength.


Our purpose is to achieve quality by going more than being eco-friendly plastic bag. These compostable plastic bags are available in four sizes, serving various purposes. Whether it’s for carrying groceries or takeout containers, it provides a convenient and secure solution.


Being the leading manufacturers of environmentally compostable materials, we put the environment first without compromising functionality. Move on to conventional plastic and encourage an environmentally friendly alternative that satisfies the needs of customers as well as the business’s principles.


Contribute to the environment while meeting the growing demand for eco-friendly packaging. Opt for our eco-friendly & compostable plastic bags to ensure that every carry you make embodies both excellence and sustainability. Make the responsible choice for a greener and more sustainable future.

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