EzeeTIE™ Drawstring Garbage Bags are the latest addition to the Sekoplas family of garbage bags. Set to be launched in 2023, these bags are exceptionally strong and come with a lemon scented odour control for a fresh and functional feel by design.

Available in two sizes – medium and large, EzeeTIE™ bags come with a healthy capacity to adequately fit 15 to 50 liter bins. These double layered bags are made of strong and stretchable plastic. Equipped with drawstring closure for convenient cinched closing, EzeeTIE™ Drawstring Garbage Bags are easy to lift, carry and toss away.

Coupled with double layer thickness, these tough bags provide greater protection against your worst garbage-related kitchen disasters. Easy-tear-off design makes these attractive turquoise green bags conveniently accessible from the roll.

The multi-purpose EzeeTIE™ Drawstring Bags are your perfect partners in daily life as carrier bags, storage bags, laundry bags, and much more for separating laundry on trips to the gym, longer business trips, road trips, vacations, camping, etc.