In our continuing efforts to preserve the environment for future generations, Sekoplas partnered with the NGO, Geng Plastik IJA (Kelab Geng Plastik Terengganu) in a state-wide initiative to clean up the beaches of Terengganu.

Sekoplas donated 4,000 pieces of Enviroplus Garbage in 2021 to collaborate in this commendable initiative by Geng Plastik IJA as it resonates perfectly with our conviction to protect the planet.

In 2021 alone, this initiative which involved volunteers from all over the state coming together to carry out cleaning operations in 37 beaches in Terengganu, resulting in 11,450kgs of garbage collected. In addition to this, 2,990kgs of plastic bottles were collected from these beaches and sent to recycling plants.

Sekoplas continues to support Geng Plastik IJA throughout 2022 and beyond, working together to ensure that future generations continue to enjoy the rich environmental legacy Malaysia has been blessed with.