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Disposable HDPE Gloves with Hanging Holes

Sekoplas disposable HDPE gloves are suitable for everyday use in various applications. They come with two hanging holes to enable space-saving and convenient dispensing, making them ideal for commercial kitchens and hair salons.

Multi-purpose Disposable LDPE Gloves

Sekoplas disposable premium LDPE gloves are softer, comfortable and suitable for tasks that require greater sensitivity and a softer touch. They are resilient and durable, making them an excellent choice for food handling, cleaning, hair colouring, painting, etc.

Multi-purpose Disposable HDPE Gloves

ValuSAFE™ disposable HDPE multi-purpose gloves are durable and embossed with diamond texture for easier put on and take off, and allow better grip so you can operate a mobile phone while focusing on tasks in hand.