Making life cleaner, easier and now safer too.


Holds Well. Stores Well. Works Well.

Here at SEKOPLAS®, we make everyday products with oomph since 1982! Products that bring joy and convenience to millions of users around the world!

We put great care in our production and focus on becoming better each day by constantly Improving our Capabilities as well as introducing small Innovations to our products. These efforts may seem small but they sure make your daily life and things around the house a bit easier and now safer too—and that means a lot to us.

Speaking of innovation and MAKING LIFE SAFER, please check out Smartzolve™, our latest range of marine-safe water-soluble products made from Aquapak’s high-performance Hydropol™ film. It’s perfect for battling COVID-19 due to shorter pathogen dwell time when compared to standard PE material, thus lowering the risk of cross-contamination

Reliable and Affordable.

SEKOPLAS’ goal is more than providing strong, reliable products, but also keeping them at affordable price points through Manufacturing Efficiency.

Now that’s VALUE FOR MONEY! Live well and stop worry about the little things in your daily life

Tailored Solutions. Worldwide Export.

Website_About Us Page_(scroll further down_1) ABOUT PRODUCTS SUSTAINABILITY LATEST STORIES Tailored Solutions. Worldwide Export. SEKOPLAS’s wide range of HDPE, LDPE and LLDPE products include garbage bags, plain and printed vest (singlet) carrier bags, gloves, food storage bags, courier bags, laundry bags, aprons, table cover, etc. Specially customised and printed bags designed in accordance to clients’ specifications are also availabe.

Currently, SEKOPLAS® produces quality garbage bags and shopping bags for over 3000 retail outlets throughout Malaysia and Asia Pacific. These bags are also exported to over 20 countries all over the world.

With a production breakdown which is evenly distributed between export and domestic market, SEKOPLAS’ clients include General Merchandise Stores [GMS], Hypermarkets, Supermarkets, Fashion Retailers, Pharmacies, Cash and Carry Stores, Quick Service Restaurants [QSR], and specialty outlets among others


Tackle your pandemic challenges with SEKOPLAS’ Smartzolve™, a line of marine-safe water-soluble products made of Aquapak’s strong, flexible Hydropol™ film that can reduce the risk of pathogen cross-contamination, making it perfect for hazardous waste situations like those present in hospitals.


At SEKOPLAS ®, we are proud of our successes and the reputation and trust that we’ve earned. If you are interested in our products and have additional questions about customised’ solutions, please reach out to our customer service team

Some of The Partners & Brands We’ve Worked With

As far as SEKOPLAS® is concerned, the best advertisement and endorsement of our achievements so far is the satisfaction experienced by those who use our products.

From the man in the street to multinationals, we have a global clientele that testifies to our competence.