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Since its inception in 1982, SEKOPLAS has firmly established itself as a leading manufacturer …>>

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Our Products

SEKOPLAS offers a wide range of products that literally bring joy and convenience to millions of users around the world! Currently, SEKOPLAS produces low and high density garbage bags and shopping bags for over 3000 retail outlets throughout Malaysia and ASEAN. The bags are also exported to over 20 countries all over the world.

Quality Assurance

At SEKOPLAS, excellence is expected across the board – at all levels! It is our fundamental belief that taking an honest, integrity-driven approach while working as a cohesive team will enable us to succesfully achieve our goals.

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We offer the highest quality trash liner Malaysia!

Keeping the environment safe, sound and healthy is a big priority these days, so Sekoplas offers the highest quality trash liner Malaysia has ever seen at the most affordable prices. These trash liner Malaysia are not only great biodegradable bags Malaysia but also compostable bag Malaysia. Use Sekoplas biodegradable bags Malaysia to stay environmentally conscious!

Using Compostable Bag Malaysia keep the environment clean!

As you know, environmental issues are extremely important nowadays. That’s why we have especially designed biodegradable bags Malaysia. Don’t miss this opportunity to purchase some of the finest compostable bag Malaysia offers. These bags don’t need anything more than oxygen to start breaking down. None of our compostable bag Malaysia have any harmful residues that can pollute the environment later or harm people, making them suitable for all uses both indoors and outdoors. Let your bags go green and start using our compostable bag Malaysia from today!

Braskem Material bags are the most reliable plastics you can get anywhere.

A leading manufacturer of biodegradable bags Malaysia and other plastic products, Braskem material bags are also manufactured and used worldwide. Braskem material bags are some of the most environmentally friendly bags around. Braskem material bags are made in Brazil and Europe. Instead of using traditional crude oil products, braskem material bags are made from polythenes extracted from sugar canes, making them a renewable product. All of our plastics, whether compostable bag Malaysia or disposable bags Malaysia or garbage bags, are on par with braskem material bags.

The most eco-friendly Plastic Bag Manufacturer Malaysia has

The health of our planet is at greater risk than ever before. Keeping this in mind, Sekoplas upholds corporate social responsibility and the 3R principle. The principle states that the three Rs are Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. By recycling disposable bags, we reduce energy use and reuse old garbage bags. If we can’t recycle, we use biodegradable bags Malaysia or compostable bag Malaysia. This way, we set an example for all other plastic bag manufacturer Malaysia has and have bags go green.

Disposal Glove Malaysia for everyday use

Sekoplas’s plastics are used for every daily purpose. Disposal glove Malaysia is a necessity in a household, so don’t forget to buy more before you run out. Sekoplas manufacturers hygienic and durable plastic disposal glove Malaysia using the same renewable techniques as its environmentally friendly compostable bag Malaysia. So, you can use Sekoplas plastic disposal glove Malaysia without any fear of harming the environment!

Our disposal aprons are environmentally friendly too!

Similar to the disposal glove Malaysia, our disposal aprons are suitable for both home and industrial purposes. They can be produced in high volumes and are environmentally friendly. Our disposal aprons are extremely popular among Malaysian

manufacturers for this reason. Produced from biological sources of polythene, these disposal aprons reduce the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, combating global warming.

Durable and Reliable Garbage Bags

Sekoplas offers one of the widest ranges of compostable garbage bags of any plastic bag manufacturer Malaysia has. These biodegradable garbage bags or trash liner Malaysia come in all sizes and materials, including Braskem material bags.
ReMAX bags are made of high-density PE and come in several different colors such as Blue and Black. The sizes range from small, medium, large, extra-large and jumbo. All the sizes are made from fully recyclable plastic. For separating solid wastes, EzeeTIE disposable bags are suitable. They’re made partially from recycled plastic and are translucent.

Heavy Duty trash bag Malaysia for personal and municipal use

Our heavy-duty trash bag Malaysia is extremely durable. They are designed to contain smells while being resistant to rips and tears. Don’t hesitate to use our heavy-duty trash bag Malaysia for all of your garbage accumulation and disposal needs. To retain eco-friendliness, all of our heavy-duty trash bag Malaysia and trash liner Malaysia also double as biodegradable bags Malaysia.

Use Biodegradable bags in Malaysia to go green!

One of the most important ways of protecting the environment is to use biodegradable garbage bags. Some of these garbage bags are recycled. However, it is not possible to collect every garbage bag to recycle them. Many of the heavy-duty trash bag Malaysia has been thrown away after being used, which is a huge was.
Going green is an extremely high priority for many companies and individuals in Malaysia. Through our biodegradable bags Malaysia, Sekoplas offers the perfect opportunity to shift to a more eco-friendly outlook for the next decade. Order our biodegradable bags Malaysia or trash liner Malaysia and head towards a greener future today!

It’s time to move on from Plastic Bags Go Green

At Sekoplas, we hold the environment as paramount. It is one of the key pillars of our company, alongside quality and customer satisfaction. The environment is at greater risk than ever before. We must safeguard it for future generations. One of the biggest factors contributing to environmental damage is plastic.
Plastics are used everywhere, but cause a lot of harm to the environment. One of the best ways to reduce this is to have bags go green. Disposable trash liner Malaysia and garbage bags such as biodegradable bags Malaysia, compostable bag Malaysia and multipurpose bags should be used. As one of the foremost plastic bag manufacturers Malaysia has, Sekoplas aims to provide high-quality disposable bags as possible.