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SmartZolve water-soluble laundry and garment bag is manufactured to be marine-friendly and effectively minimize the risk of pathogen cross-contamination. As the leading manufacturer and brand in water-soluble laundry and garment bags equipped with Hyropol technology, SmartZolve offers a unique solution to hygiene concerns in the laundry industry.

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Smartzolve Hot Water-Soluble Laundry Bags

Authentic Water-Soluble Laundry & Garment Bag Manufacturer in Malaysia

SmartZolve™ hot water-soluble laundry bags are manufactured from a proprietary environmental polymer. This innovative material contributes to reducing plastic pollution while providing robustness and hydrophilic properties. These water-soluble laundry bags dissolve entirely in a 65°C wash cycle, leaving no harmful residue behind and ensuring marine safety. The implementation of Hyropol technology further enhances their strength and puncture resistance.


Hydropol technology is inherently less prone to harbouring infectious droplets than traditional hydrophobic materials such as plastics. Products implemented by hydropol technology are non-toxic, water-soluble, and UV-resistant, making them ideal for use in marine environments.


By choosing SmartZolve products, customers prioritize both hygiene and environmental sustainability. As the leading water-soluble laundry & garment bags manufacturer, Sekoplas also gain access to innovative solutions.


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