What is SmartZolve™ ?

SmartZolve™ products are not made from plastic but rather from synthetic polymer created without heavy toxic metals. Imported from the UK, this patented material’s key ingredient is PVOH (polyvinyl alcohol) and is certified to be non-toxic to marine fauna. It has made SmartZolve™ products both sustainable and friendly to the environment.

Designed to eliminate plastic pollution at the source, not only SmartZolve™ range of products are truly green, but compostable and water-soluble too. It vastly reduces the risk of cross-contamination due to lesser handling is required. The fact that SmartZolve™ is made from strong, flexible, and highly-effective anti-infection barrier film, thus making it especially suitable for hazardous waste scenarios like those present in hospitals. It is also great for hospitality, airlines, hotel, food packaging, fashion/ apparel, laundry industries, etc.

So staying safe and ahead with SmartZolve™ by exploring its great possibilities in COVID era.

SmartZolve™ advantages at a glance